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PetSimple™ Roller - Reusable Pet Hair Remover
PetSimple™ Roller - Reusable Pet Hair Remover
PetSimple™ Roller - Reusable Pet Hair Remover

PetSimple™ Roller - Reusable Pet Hair Remover

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Removes Embedded Pet Hair!

Love your furry friend, but hate dealing with stubborn hair on your clothing and furniture? Introducing the PetSimple™ Roller that guarantees you never have to mess with sticky, adhesive rollers again!

See How Much Embedded Hair We Remove From This Cat Bed!

Why Pet Parents Love It?

"I've tried a few fur-removal products that left me underwhelmed, this literally swallows all the pet hair from my horrible material couch!" - Jennifer

Removes All Sizes of Pet Hair - No more rolling over hair and not picking it up. Our innovative micro-fine bristles easily pick up various sizes of pet hair embedded deep in your furniture, carpet, and anywhere else your furry friends love to hang out.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean - After you’ve trapped all of that hair with a couple of strokes, simply slide the back flap open to grab the hair and throw it away... no sticky mess to deal with or constantly buying replacement rolls.

Eco-Friendly - this special roller is 100% reusable which means you aren’t contributing to pollution and spending money on replacement rolls

Multi-functional - this roller has a wide range of applicable uses including clothing, furniture, sofas, cat trees, carpets, beds, and essentially any hairy fabrics or surface!

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Roll it back and forth in short strokes to allow the micro-fine bristles to trap the hair in the chamber

Step 2 - Press the handle latch to open the chamber

Step 3 - Empty all pet hair and reuse it again and again and again...

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